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June 23, 2011
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the drawing :

siento los horrores ortograficos que hice, estaba algo apurado, me demore 5 horas en editar este tutorial
espero les guste mucho, quiero agradecer a todos los que me han ayudado a mejorar en mi manera de dibujar, gracias <3

clipping group / recortar capa: [link]

hello and welcome to my "tutorial"! sorry for putting the text in English here, I hope you understand best.
when a text as long, I'll use google translator to speed things

I do it basically for the many people who ask me how I drew and painted, is not very elaborate and I did the drawing faster than usual xD, but was made with love and hope they understand <3

1.-do the sketch. this time I did digitally to hasten the work, usually I do a sketch on a sheet of paper and scanning.

Tool: pen

2.-create a new layer and place it above all else, we decrease the opacity to the layer containing the sketch and our new layer, and the pen-sized stabilizer 3 and 14, begin to draw the lineart.
I do the lineart in many layers, like the sketch, so it is easier to remove without having to carry the lines that are important or not do.
eyes and eyebrows I leave them in a separate layer.

inking takes me a long time, I try many times until the line is well done XD

3.- apply spot colors, I create a new layer for each color of clothing or garment.
in this case, use the Select tool and select .... lol, what I want to paint (on the lineart layer) and then the tool bucket applies color .

color-layers placed between the sketch and lineart.
in other cases without selecting the color applied following the contour and then fill with paint bucket.

here comes the good, from now on I will use a few tricks as the clipping group, or paint the entire white layer and then multiply.

4.-create a new layer and place it just above the layer containing the color, and up select "clipping group"
I paint with the brush all the white layer and place it in "multiply"
Here we chose a light color (slightly lighter than the base color) and draw the shades solid.
You only use the brush density and size to taste 100

5.- n the same layer where we apply the first shade, draw a second shade darker and smaller.
usually some people use 3 or 4 different colors .... but I only use 2 xD

6.-already solid applied shadows, with the tool "brush the water" or "water" Feather starting with the deepest shadows to the clearest, increasing the size of the brush to achieve a result like the image just above the detail.
for the shadows that are very close, as the hair on the skin, we brush the water nearby, but not so much blurred edges

7.- brightness, we create a new layer, placed on top layer and apply shadows clipping group and put it in "luminosity" and the brush in white paint as shown in the picture above.
do not worry if it looks bad xD

8.- and then with the brush "water" blur the white color.
will be too intense brightness, for that you lowered the opacity to a nice value.

and the skin is finished!

is very hard for me xD

9(8 in the picture *fail orz*).- create the layer, we cut and painted white (do not know why I put this picture)

10.-using the same procedure as the skin, multiply layer and draw the first shadow solid.
the shadows have to follow the direction of the hair, as this looks more "natural"

11.- like with the skin, draw the second shade darker and smaller, also following the direction of hair, as in the above image
is not recommended that the darker shade exceeds the clearer.
Now, using the tool MAKER, density 10-25 and started to blur, while maintaining the strength of the shadow, we have to try many colors to get a good result

12.- here we see the drawing and working with the "maker" is not very noticeable (orz) but the effect is nice.
Now, create a new layer (not painted white, and put it in "shade" with the rather large brush and color the parts where it reaches more shade, which does not light or behind the neck, it matters little whether is out of line (do not forget to crop the layer xD)

13.- with the brush "water", blur came well defined where the sun was very, very dark, so you lower the opacity

14.- Now, shine. create a new layer, the top left of the shadows and "clipping group"
and put it in "luminosity." and skin color in a very clear (or white) lines we draw lineart on the edge of the hair, the lines have to be so well defined as the lineart

15.- Now with the brush "water" blur the inner edge of brightness. and lowered the opacity so it does not look so bright.
the image brightness is another in a new layer, do the same procedure as shown in the image, horizontal and curved.
2 edges blurred by the brightest leaving the center, and also lowered the opacity

as the dress is white base color, the brightness is not necessary.
highly dependent on clothing fabric that you want this done, the shine that you put.
For example, if a garment is made of latex, has shadows and glows well defined very marked, however if a fabric is soft, the shadows and highlights will also

16.-same procedure, new layer clipping group, painted white, multiply and solid drop shadows.
Remember that if the dress is tight, but the curves are marked in our femininity.
Otherwise if the garment is looser

17.-blurred using the brush "water". folds to use the brush "acrylic" and "paper" using a darker color already brushes do not take those colors very well, I dunno, I get a better result xD.
Sorry for how bad were the folds, I have to practice

18.-eyes, the same procedure as with any other shade.
with the brush we shape and define the periphery of the pupil, with the brush "paper" give effect in the direction indicated by the arrows in the picture. stay up something solid so disappeared into the brush "water"
brush "paper" density : <30

19.-on one layer and set to "luminosity" draw the brightness of the eye with the brush "paper" it is recommended that you start with a large size and with each stroke tapering brush size

20.-Now on to the brightness outside, create a layer and place it in lumionsidad so (without "clipping group") and put it above all other layers in the drawing

21.-with the brush "water", blur and lower the opacity to achieve the desired effect

22.-create a white layer, put it between the skin and the eye, and paint white the sclera (or the white of the eye xD) and a layer in "clipping group" draw the shadow that makes the hair on that area

23.-blush, a new layer of skin, using the airbrush in very low density and a red color intensity, color blushing.

24.-in the same layer, use the brush at low density and with the same color, and draw "solid" lines to give a touch more tender to the flush

25.-mouth, not much to say, just paint the mouth where it belongs

26.- on a new layer in "multiply"
draw many shades solid and very dark at the end, then blurred, starting with the darkest shade after the final. to give the sensation of the back of the mouth.
I do not know if it's so convenient to draw bright, because if you apply it gives the feeling that his tongue out.

good!, we have the drawing finished technically , now comes the work of editing, changing colors, luminosity and the rest.

long time ii leave the drawing here, but with different artists Convera learned different techniques to save some steps of balance, and let your picture with more vivid colors but achieving a softer effect on these.

Special thanks to Mr.. "Daza" for the trick hehe


1.-all layers that contain both the lineart and coloring, we put in a layer set, select the group and using the "magic" select the entire drawing

2.-top, create a layer, and the paint bucket paint it a warm color selected if you want a warmer effect, or if we want a cold color cold tone, you can also use the color that predominates

3.-lowered the opacity to a very small value to give the effect of warmth, the opacity is like yours. Now save the file in. PSD (if momentarily betray the sai and we will use PS to do the next step)

PS: I hate photoshop xD

4.- in photoshop, hide the layer that has the color orange, and layer selecting the group typed CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + E.
it groups all visible layers and groups file only onebut without the other layers are lost.

5.-now this new layer will apply the "Gaussian blur". the radius depends on one ..
by the size of my drawings I always use 17-20px
apply and save the PSD

6.- back to sai (at last!), open the PSD. copy the layer you created in photoshop
and left one of them under the group of layers, and the other just above the layer group.
which is below the I devised to give effect to dibjo backscatter final. we left there, did not change anything.

7.-now the top layer of the group put in "overlay", the colors look very intense, so we lowered the opacity.
do not forget to expose the orange color layer on top.
and adjusting the opacity of the first 2 layers, we arrive at a result that we like.

well ... would say my ex-algebra teacher .. "BUT VERY VERY GOOD"

I finished the drawing, if you got to here I thank you have read this graphic representation of how I make my drawings

thank you very much <3

I was somewhat embarrassed, I took 5 hours to edit this tutorial
I hope they enjoy it, I want to thank everyone who helped me to improve my way of drawing, thanks <3
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thank you.
and thanks for the translation in the description.
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